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Act test practice-prepare yourself for this important testing!

ACT test practice will prepare you to take the ACT test. What is actually act test? Here are some fact facts about this popular test for high school graduates!

1. ACT test is held 6 times a year, from September to June

2. Test lasts 3 hours, or 3 1/2 hours when you write an essay

3. You will be tested in English, Science, Math, Reading and writing

4. Test costs are from $34 to $50.

5. Maximum test score is 36 points, but students usually achieve 21.

From above mentioned quick facts you have some basic info what you will go through if you choose to take the ACT test. You should practice your English, Science, Math and Reading, and in some testing centers/schools you will have to take the writing test as well. Before you take the test, inform yourself about this matter as well, so that you know what is the best ACT test practice to prepare for testing in the school of choice.

When speaking about testing, it is worth mentioning never-ending students’ dilemma which test to take. Most students wander what is the better choice: SAT or ACT, especially since both are accepted on colleges.  There is no definite answer, and it is really up to you, i.e. to discover which one you can do better. This is the reason why is worth to test online both of the tests (their free practice versions) to discover which one suits you better. This is where ACT test practice really comes in handy, as well as SAT free online version. Let us mention some basic differences that will also make your choice easier:

  • ACT questions are simpler and easier to grasp
  • SAT puts more focus on vocabulary, and while ACT has science part, SAT doesn’t
  • also, ACT has more demanding/advanced math section than SAT does
  • essay is mandatory in SAT, while in ACT isn’t (at least in some schools)
  • ACT has just four sections, while SAT has ten of them
  • when analyzing SAT score, college admission officer will look into each section, while when analyzing your ACT test, he will be interested just in the final score

When speaking about test scoring, as we have already mentioned, majority of students score around 21. This score is calculated as an average of summed up individual scores from each of four sections. I.e. you can earn up to 36 points for each section. Sections scores are then summed and divided by four and you get your summed score.

Now, you will probably wonder if your score is good enough to get you into college of your choice. Lucky enough, you can locate online desired SAT score by individual colleges!

Students usually take the test in the spring, so that they can take it again in the autumn if they need to improve their score. You can improve your odds by taking ACT preparation courses that are being held by ACT trainers and teachers. You can inquire your school counselor and discover all the details.